Many things we eat or do fatten or deregulate the body's chemical balances, but there are 5 habits that are the worst when it comes to maintaining a healthy life. These, either due to the chemical effects they generate in the body or their caloric content, make any diet or training a waste of time.

These habits are terrible for health and leaving them is something that should be extremely important for everyone, we are talking about taking care of the body in which we live.

-Smoking: Beyond increasing the chances of getting cancer, the damage it causes to the entire respiratory system (including the heart, skin, and brain), and the addiction it creates, which many don't seem to care about, smoking literally lowers your years of life. There are countless studies that reflect that for each cigarette puff you reduce your body's life by one minute. Stop rusting for fun!

Drinking in excess: When drinking becomes more recurrent than casual, the negative effects that alcohol generates in the body are accentuated. Of course, the worse the quality of the alcohol, the more harmful its effects are. But, even the best whiskey affects a healthy life. We talk about that it leads the body to a state of dehydration that can end in acute pancreatitis, cirrhosis or even affect the heart rate. As if that were not enough, alcohol also affects your metabolism causing it to slow down, which increases the absorption of fats; and the intoxication it generates (alcohol intoxication), among other things, could cause death if you do not fall into a coma beforehand. Do not forget that fun is made by one, not alcohol.

-Improper eating: This includes skipping meals, eating to bursting or eating too fast, eating too much fast food, not eating in a balanced way, not eating enough, and even eating at different times. Without dwelling on the importance of eating a balanced diet because it is what allows the body to function well, eating inadequately could be one of the main reasons for obesity in many. We know that fast food is not healthy and does not provide enough nutrients, and that the human body is designed for routines. So why do we keep abusing this? Set an alarm, measure your meals, keep track of your macronutrients; Remember that we are what we eat.

-Inadequate sleeping Increases the risk of suffering a stroke, diabetes, a heart attack and hypertension (among other heart problems). It also increases appetite, deregulates the body's hormonal processes, deteriorates bones and affects memory. As if that were not enough, there are studies that ensure that those who sleep less than 7 hours have a shorter life expectancy. Don't you want to take a nap?

-Do not drink water: Joint pain, migraine, hypertension, kidney problems and even obesity can be caused by a lack of water in the body. At the end of the day we are made of 60% water. Finish reading this article and go drink a glass of water.
If you have any of these habits and you think it's something you can't quit, just remember that nothing is impossible and nothing is eternal, much less a habit. It just takes courage and perseverance, and getting up every time you stumble and relapse. Try to replace them with better habits!