1- Sacrifice technique for weight: This mistake is very common and the truth is that it makes no sense to sacrifice technique to move more weight, you run the risk of injuring yourself. the exercise is intense because of the effort and control that is put into it, not just because of the weight lifted. You can increase the effort and mechanical tension by performing the exercise with control. It is ideal that you demand yourself, but you must be intelligent. Losing a little weight lifted and doing it with better technique will improve your performance. Example executing the biceps curl exercise using too much weight is common, what use is a lot of weight if you are going to push with your legs, less weight, controlled and you work the muscle that interests you.

2- Improvise in your training: going to the gym without having a training structure is like sailing aimlessly, planning is very important when looking for a healthy lifestyle. You do not have to be rigid in the development of the workouts, since the body needs a variation in the routines. But neither should we go to the other extreme, which is to go to train without anything prepared, without some knowledge of the different routines, exercises, and much less of the muscle groups to work on. It is true that this depends a lot on each person, but if we want to obtain good results we must bother ourselves a bit and avoid improvisation.

3- Do not warm up: When you do not spend time warming up, the possibility of injury increases. Warming up allows the body temperature to increase, preparing the muscles and structures that make up the joints. (cartilage, tendons and ligaments) to make the efforts during the session. It is recommended to spend between five and 15 minutes on average, including joint mobility exercises, dynamic flexibility with short-term stretching and muscle activation, prioritizing the muscles that will be most required during the session.

4- Hydration and nutrition: It is perhaps the most common mistake. Not taking into account hydration or nutrition will destroy a large part of our expectations. A balanced diet and proper hydration are the engine of our body, in fact food is 80%. In fact, there are people who after training eat caloric and low-nutrition food thinking that those calories they consume will be balanced with those you lost, and it is not like that. It is true that calories are important, but the quality of those calories is much more so, the nutritional contribution that they will give to the body so that your body functions optimally, burns fat efficiently, and builds muscle mass and health in general. .

5- Not getting enough rest: if you don't rest well, you stop getting the multiple benefits, including better muscle recovery, therefore, growth, improved performance. But it will harm you because poor and non-restorative rest will cause your cortisol to be always high, the stress hormone, which leads your body to lose muscle mass, slow metabolism, accumulate more fat, and obviously less energy.

6- Perform only cardiovascular exercise to lose weight. It has been shown that losing weight requires comprehensive training, combining cardiovascular resistance exercises with strengthening exercises; For this reason, it's not okay to focus on cardio alone for weight loss. When muscle mass increases, caloric expenditure during rest increases, this means that fat utilization increases during the day, which is an important benefit to accelerate weight loss.

7- Always follow the same routine: It is advisable to change it when it starts to stop costing you to do it, because that means that your muscles will have already become accustomed to that type of exercise and you will no longer get the most out of it (in addition to always doing the same is very boring). It is also advisable not to always train the same muscles and forget about others, but to maintain a balance.